Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* Added readline support through rlwrapMike Gerwitz2011-10-021-1/+8
* Added multi-word action support to process-inputMike Gerwitz2011-08-252-24/+21
* process-input will now prompt for the user's intentions if only one word is p...Mike Gerwitz2011-08-252-1/+27
* process-input no longer falls through to other objectsMike Gerwitz2011-08-252-2/+25
* process-input script now simply returns commands to be executedMike Gerwitz2011-08-242-80/+22
* Altered process-input script to accept action commands on a separate lineMike Gerwitz2011-08-242-8/+21
* Added MSG processing to process-input utility scriptMike Gerwitz2011-08-242-3/+33
* Began adding input parserMike Gerwitz2011-08-244-0/+167
* Updated READMEMike Gerwitz2011-08-231-1/+10
* Added inventory list scriptMike Gerwitz2011-08-233-4/+58
* Added ability to remove items from inventoryMike Gerwitz2011-08-225-6/+133
* Began implementing inventory (adding/counting)Mike Gerwitz2011-08-227-3/+208
* Began adding test scripts and inventory commonMike Gerwitz2011-08-224-0/+104
* Crude (and quick) branching implMike Gerwitz2011-08-221-1/+19
* Altered scene config options to be more consistent with style of rest of fileMike Gerwitz2011-08-223-6/+7
* Initial commit (general concept)Mike Gerwitz2011-08-2215-0/+972