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* Generate variable definitionsHEADmasterMike Gerwitz2015-10-061-3/+4
* Add namespace to function/template Texinfo outputMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-0/+28
* De-indent docblocks when rendering TexinfoMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-5/+45
* Do not treat line-separated comments as docblocksMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-1/+2
* texinfo namespace change to reflect project renameMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-1/+1
* {:=>#} Texinfo anchor arity delimiterMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-1/+1
* Texinfo function documentation fixes and changesMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-7/+19
| * texinfo.xsl copyright year updateMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-1/+1
| * Prefix woven definition with text indicatorMike Gerwitz2015-09-291-0/+2
| * Prevent reading preceding sibling's docblockMike Gerwitz2015-09-281-2/+4
| * Account for parity in Texinfo function anchorMike Gerwitz2015-09-281-4/+12
* Comments preceding stylesheet declaration no longer processedMike Gerwitz2015-04-171-5/+4
* xsltexi => literate-xsl; stylesheet rename to reflectMike Gerwitz2015-04-161-0/+0
* Functions and named templates now generate anchorsMike Gerwitz2015-04-151-0/+5
* Comments now considered docblocks only when immediately adjacentMike Gerwitz2015-04-141-4/+28
* Stupidly simple serializationMike Gerwitz2015-04-141-1/+73
* Attribute selectors now escaped in @match outputMike Gerwitz2015-04-141-1/+26
* Trailing space removed from param list outputMike Gerwitz2014-12-191-1/+1
* Proper handling of non-docblock commentsMike Gerwitz2014-12-191-1/+25
* Initial documentation conceptMike Gerwitz2014-12-192-0/+828