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[BC BREAK] bin/server.js and associated changes
This is based (very) loosely on an internal script to start the daemon. It accepts a configuration and starts the daemon. To accommodate the configuration, a number of miscellaneous changes have been made. The vanilla configuration shows the concept, but it has not yet been fully implemented; that'll likely happen at a later date. Until then, the existing environment-variable-based configuration will be used. * bin/server.js: Add file. * conf/vanilla-server.json: Example configuration added. * src/server/daemon/Daemon.js (_httpPort): Remove field. (_conf): Add field. (__construct): [BC BREAK] Accept conf instead of port and log priority. Move initialization code into `start'. (start): [BC BREAK] Initialization code moved here. Now returns promise for entire daemon, which will error in the event of an error starting. Move existing code into `_startDaemon'. (_startDaemon): Old `start' code. Invoked after `start' initialization. (_createDebugLog, _createAccessLog): Use configuration. Return promise. (_initHttpServer): Use configuration. (_httpError): Add function to output error and exit. Extracted from `_initHttpServer'. * src/server/daemon/scripts.js: [BC BREAK] Append "program/" to `LV_LEGACY_PATH' so that it can be re-used for script lookups rather than using the cwd. This removes the need of the cwd being the legacy src path.
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