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@@ -163,7 +163,9 @@ More information about each can be found in their respective section.
@srcref{src/client/Client.js, Client},
which has grown out of control.
@code{Client} mediates essentially the entire system.
- Code is to be extracted out of this class as it is touched.}
+ Code is to be extracted out of this class as it is touched.
+ The other system mammoth is @code{Ui} (@pxref{Program UI}).}
@@ -277,6 +279,19 @@ Programs are ideally compiled from a @ref{Program XML,,Program@tie{}XML}
@node Program UI
@section Program UI
+ The @code{Ui} class,
+ in addition to @srcref{src/client/Client,Client} (@pxref{Client}),
+ represent the two monoliths of the system.
+ This mediates all UI-related tasks,
+ and still has far too many concerns with far too many
+ dependencies.
+ Code is to be extracted out of this class as it is touched.
+ All @file{program/ui/} contents still need to be moved into Liza.}
@cindex Program, User Interface
@cindex User Interface, Program
@@ -328,6 +343,11 @@ It also displays question help text (also configured through the XML)
@node Group Styles
@subsection Group Styles
+ Some group styles still use jQuery;
+ they should be modified to use modern formatters and Liza DOM
+ abstractions (see @srcrefraw{src/ui/field}
+ and @srcrefraw{src/ui/styler}).}
@cindex Group, Styling
Groups support a number of @dfn{group styles} that determine how