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Extract bucket init code into ProgramInit
This represents a portion of the refactoring that I had intended to do until I realized that there was a simpler solution to the problem that we were having (having proguic add stored calculated values to the defaults object). So ideally we'll continue extracting all quote init code out of `Server' and into `ProgramInit' in the future. * doc/server.texi (Liza Server): Mention `ProgramInit'. * src/program/ProgramInit.js: Add class. * src/server/DocumentServer.js: Use it. * src/server/Server.js (_progInit): Add private field. (__construct): Accept ProgramInit instance and assign to field. (initQuote): Use promise returned by `_getDefaultBucket'. (_getDefaultBucket): Proxy to `ProgramInit#init', which returns a promise.
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@maintenance{The @srcrefjs{server/daemon,Daemon} monolith and
among other things,
- need refactoring.}
+ need refactoring.
+ Quote initialization code should be moved into
+ @srcrefjs{server,ProgramInit}.}