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Remove mvnotices from docs
Liza has been liberated. * doc/design.texi: Remove all @mvnotice calls. * doc/macros.texi (mvnotice): Remove macro.
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@node Design
@chapter Design & Architecture
- N.B. This document may reference features that are not yet
- present in Liza; they will be moved into this repository in time.}
Liza is fundamentally a data collection framework@mdash{
}a fancy form for collecting, validating, and lightly processing
user data.
@@ -332,11 +328,6 @@ Predicates are usually specified in the Program XML
state); developers rarely have the need to touch @code{Program}.}
- The core @code{Program} class that causes maintenance concerns needs
- to be added to Liza.
- It is currently mocked as necessary in test cases.}
@cindex Program
The @dfn{Program} is a declarative representation of an entire system.
@@ -365,9 +356,6 @@ Programs are ideally compiled from a @ref{Program XML,,Program@tie{}XML}
Code is to be extracted out of this class as it is touched.
- All @file{program/ui/} contents still need to be moved into Liza.}
@cindex Program, User Interface
@cindex User Interface, Program
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@@ -129,15 +129,6 @@ This system has maintenance concerns.
@end macro
-@c needs to be moved into liza
-@macro mvnotice{text}
-@emph{All or part of this system needs to be moved into Liza.}@footnote{
- \text\}
-@end macro
@macro tip{text}