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server: Auto-populate liza_timestamp_initial_rated in metabucket
This value already existed on the document, but was inaccessible to external systems. This is now accessible to e.g. raters. * doc/bucket.texi (Metabucket): New section. * src/server/db/MongoServerDao.js (saveQuote): Set initial quoted date as liza_timestamp_initial_rated. Update metabucket keys individually so as not to inadvertently overwrite the entire metabucket. DEV-3715
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* Value Assignment:Bucket Assignment. Writing data to the Bucket.
* Bucket Diff:: Representing bucket changes.
* Calculated Values:: Dynamic data derived from other values.
+* Metabucket:: Bucket holding document metadata
@end menu
@@ -116,3 +117,32 @@ A diff is applied to the underlying bucket by invoking
@node Calculated Values
@section Calculated Values
+@node Metabucket
+@section Metabucket
+@cindex Metabucket
+The @dfn{metabucket} is a loosely-structured key/value store
+ separate from the data bucket.@footnote{
+ It is stored in the @code{meta} field on the Mongo document.}
+It should be used to save data that should be accessible only to the server,
+ but never the client.
+The client has no means by which to access the metabucket.
+Custom fields can be populated by server-side DataAPIs
+ (@pxref{Server-Side Data API Calls}).
+Any fields prefixed with the string @samp{liza_} are reserved and are
+ populated automatically by the Server.
+They are shown in @ref{t:liza-meta}.
+@float Table, t:liza-meta
+@table @code
+ @cindex Initial rated date
+ @item liza_timestamp_initial_rated
+ A Unix timestamp representing the first time a document was acted
+ upon by a rating service.
+ This value is set once and is never updated or cleared.
+@end table
+@caption{Metabucket fields populated automatically by the Server}
+@end float