Mike Gerwitz

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* DeltaProcessor: Correct delta applicationMike Gerwitz2019-12-122-106/+311
* DeltaProcessor: Encapsulate getDeltas and remove redundant testsMike Gerwitz2019-12-122-126/+38
* DeltaProcessor: Remove redundant testsMike Gerwitz2019-12-122-148/+2
* DeltaPublisher#_sendMessage: Promise.reject=>throwMike Gerwitz2019-12-121-6/+4
* .env: Use uppercase for env varsMike Gerwitz2019-12-122-25/+24
* bin/delta-processor: Log DeltaProcessor#process errorsMike Gerwitz2019-12-121-8/+17
* bin/delta-processor: Provide error to EventMediatorMike Gerwitz2019-12-121-1/+1
* EventMediator: Log error stack under contextMike Gerwitz2019-12-122-8/+16
* DeltaPublisher: Remove parsing from constructorMike Gerwitz2019-12-123-21/+74
* AvroFactory: Extract avro-js type definitions into src/typesMike Gerwitz2019-12-124-68/+99
* AmqpConnection: Propagate assertExchange promiseMike Gerwitz2019-12-124-18/+88
* [DEV-5312] Refactor class dependenciesAustin Schaffer2019-12-1229-1129/+2074
* [DEV-5312] Add logic to apply delta to bucket then publish modified bucketAustin Schaffer2019-12-1216-365/+1070
* [DEV-5312] Refactor references from 'self' to 'this', pass console into event...Austin Schaffer2019-12-1210-312/+498
* [DEV-5312] Generalize event subscribers and dispatchersAustin Schaffer2019-11-2511-197/+74
* [DEV-5312] Reconnect AMQP when connection dropsAustin Schaffer2019-11-256-79/+140
* [DEV-5312] Add signal handling and prometheus monitoringAustin Schaffer2019-11-2211-183/+658
* [DEV-5312] Call data-processor and instantiate classesAustin Schaffer2019-11-2016-258/+1272
* [DEV-5312] Set processed flagAustin Schaffer2019-11-137-32/+235
* [DEV-5312] Set processed flagAustin Schaffer2019-11-122-0/+3
* [DEV-5312] Add interface for amqp publisher and implement a delta publisherAustin Schaffer2019-11-127-495/+249
* bin/server.ts: fs.unlink requires two arguments on Node v12Mike Gerwitz2019-11-121-1/+1
* [DEVOPS-143] Node 12, needs a callback for asynchronous file writes, so switc...Burzlaff, Herbert2019-11-122-2/+2
* [DEV-5312] Add preliminary processorAustin Schaffer2019-11-126-173/+481
* [DEV-5312] Add dao for deltasAustin Schaffer2019-11-124-1/+422
* bin/server: Convert to TypeScriptMike Gerwitz2019-11-128-82/+279
* bin/delta-processor: Placeholder scriptMike Gerwitz2019-11-116-2/+62
* [DEV-5312] Workaround multiple easejs instancesAustin Schaffer2019-11-111-0/+6
* [DEV-5312] Convert MongoServerDao to TSAustin Schaffer2019-11-1119-1129/+1716
* [DEV-5312] Convert most parts of RatingService Publish to TSAustin Schaffer2019-11-116-114/+394
* Mitigate problems caused by changes in EventEmitterMike Gerwitz2019-11-1135-34/+166
| * events: Use EventEmitter from old version of NodeMike Gerwitz2019-11-0835-34/+166
* configure (TS_NODE_VERSION): Make configurableMike Gerwitz2019-11-082-2/+4
* Makefile.am (check-ts-out): New check for TS->JS compilationMike Gerwitz2019-11-081-1/+14
* [DEV-6353] Generate and store reverse delta on step saveSchaffer, Austin2019-11-0824-584/+2312
| * [DEV-6353] Generate and save reverse deltas for ratingdata and step saveAustin Schaffer2019-11-075-30/+136
| * [DEV-6353] Add function to create delta from one data set to anotherAustin Schaffer2019-11-072-0/+268
| * [DEV-6353] Accept push data in MongoDaoAustin Schaffer2019-11-076-11/+88
| * [DEV-6353] Get and set past rate dataAustin Schaffer2019-11-074-8/+11
| * [DEV-6353] Add dapi definitionsAustin Schaffer2019-11-074-3/+326
| * [DEV-6353] Add bucket definitionsAustin Schaffer2019-11-0711-41/+595
| * [DEV-6353] Convert DataProcessor to TSAustin Schaffer2019-11-073-508/+905
* package.json.in: @types/node: Use installed node versionMike Gerwitz2019-11-072-1/+6
* typescript v3.{6=>7} upgradeMike Gerwitz2019-11-072-109/+1
* RatingService: Fix initialRatedDate and lastRatedDate replyMike Gerwitz2019-10-312-12/+83
* RatingService#postProcessRaterData: Fix accidental indvRate changeMike Gerwitz2019-10-312-1/+47
* Save rating data to another database fieldMike Gerwitz2019-10-2931-1015/+1933
| * RatingService: Remove unnecessary program paramMike Gerwitz2019-10-291-11/+6
| * RatingService: Improved error handlingMike Gerwitz2019-10-292-87/+201
| * RatingService: Remove unreachable error checkMike Gerwitz2019-10-291-25/+1