Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* Copyright range updateMike Gerwitz2019-08-307-7/+7
* Add DelimitedKey Store traitMike Gerwitz2017-08-291-0/+107
* Add AutoObjectStoreMike Gerwitz2017-08-281-0/+114
* Add Store#populateMike Gerwitz2017-08-242-3/+94
* LoVullo Associates => R-T SpecialtyMike Gerwitz2017-06-085-5/+5
* Add DiffStoreMike Gerwitz2017-01-301-0/+235
* Store#clear to return selfMike Gerwitz2017-01-301-0/+10
* Add PatternProxy Store traitMike Gerwitz2017-01-301-0/+164
* Store#add to return selfMike Gerwitz2017-01-291-5/+4
* Test to ensure Cascading does not clear selfMike Gerwitz2017-01-041-0/+14
* Add StoreMissErrorMike Gerwitz2017-01-041-1/+2
* Add MissLookup traitMike Gerwitz2017-01-041-0/+163
* Make {,Memory}Store asynchronousMike Gerwitz2017-01-042-37/+98
* Add store.CascadingMike Gerwitz2017-01-031-0/+77
* Add {,Memory}StoreMike Gerwitz2017-01-031-0/+185