Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* Replace Currency formatter with StringFormatMike Gerwitz2016-12-012-60/+115
* Validate correct Number formatMike Gerwitz2016-12-011-0/+8
* Add scale to Number formatterMike Gerwitz2016-12-011-0/+43
* Add Currency formatterMike Gerwitz2016-11-281-0/+60
* Add MultiDimension formatterMike Gerwitz2016-06-281-0/+109
* Add accept/reject stylerMike Gerwitz2016-06-281-0/+93
* Add Limit formatterMike Gerwitz2016-06-271-0/+68
* Add Number formatterMike Gerwitz2016-06-271-0/+50
* Add MultiDelimited formatter traitMike Gerwitz2016-06-271-0/+71
* UnorderedList{Formatter=>} now a traitMike Gerwitz2016-06-241-5/+16
* Add mixin testing to common vformat functionsMike Gerwitz2016-06-231-1/+46
* Add EchoFormatterMike Gerwitz2016-06-231-0/+65
* Liberated UnorderedListFormatterMike Gerwitz2016-06-231-0/+141
* Liberate common validator-formatter test functionMike Gerwitz2016-06-231-0/+95
* VFormat => PatternFormatter with added interfaceMike Gerwitz2016-06-221-4/+13
* Liberate VFormatMike Gerwitz2016-06-221-0/+115
* ValidStateMonitor: merge subsequent failures before fixesMike Gerwitz2016-04-281-0/+44
* Add Failure#mergeMike Gerwitz2016-04-281-0/+40
* Support multiple validation failure causesMike Gerwitz2016-04-212-14/+61
* Consider field failure cause when checking fixesMike Gerwitz2016-04-201-0/+60
* Ensure that Failure objects will work transparently in ValidStateMonitorMike Gerwitz2016-04-201-32/+70
* Add validation FailureMike Gerwitz2016-04-201-0/+118
* No failure event if failures have not changed in ValidStateMonitorMike Gerwitz2016-04-191-0/+16
* Add ValidStateMonitorMike Gerwitz2016-04-121-0/+228