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* DataApiMediator: setData{ByName=>} to prepare for multi-field setMike Gerwitz2018-07-171-11/+10
* DataApiMediator: New classMike Gerwitz2018-07-171-0/+319
* [DEV-3192] Renamed variables and added test caseJeffrey Fisher2018-06-191-0/+14
* [DEV-3192] fixed test casesJeffrey Fisher2018-06-191-15/+4
* [DEV-3192] Fix populating default bucket data to meet min required bucket valuesJeffrey Fisher2018-06-191-1/+92
* [DEV-2871] DocumentProgramFormatter: Match on fields from FieldClassMatcher i...Mark Goldsmith2018-06-131-48/+89
* FieldClassMatcher: Minor refactoring/cleanupMike Gerwitz2018-06-121-3/+8
* FieldClassMatcher: Always yield integer indexesMike Gerwitz2018-06-121-2/+1
* FieldClassMatcherTest: Add tests for existing implementationMike Gerwitz2018-06-121-0/+481
* [DEV-2871] Added link and id to group in DocumentProgramFormatterMark Goldsmith2018-06-121-1/+6
* [DEV-2871] Added field type to DocumentProgramFormatterMark Goldsmith2018-06-121-0/+6
* [DEV-2871] Passed __classes directly into private functions, updated document...Mark Goldsmith2018-06-121-14/+2
* [DEV-2871] Added DocumentProgramFormatter to format program data by step, gro...Mark Goldsmith2018-06-121-0/+247
* RatingServiceSubmitNotify: Do not flag as notified on errorMike Gerwitz2018-05-021-10/+32
* RatingServiceSubmitNotify: Create dapi dynamically with sessionMike Gerwitz2018-05-012-19/+31
* RatingServiceSubmitNotify: Notify only onceMike Gerwitz2018-05-011-2/+49
* RatingServiceSubmitNotify: Add traitMike Gerwitz2018-05-011-0/+115
* Add HttpDataApiUrlDataJeffrey Fisher2018-05-011-0/+123
* RatingService: ensure #postProcessRaterData is called before saveJeffrey Fisher2018-05-011-0/+55
* Cmatch: Do not fail given __classes questionv3.5.4Mike Gerwitz2018-04-161-2/+45
* GeneralStepUiTest: Fix failing test case in newer version of Nodev3.5.1Mike Gerwitz2018-03-071-4/+6
* client: Truncate diff posted to server after first nullMike Gerwitz2018-03-071-0/+75
* Cmatch: Fix combined show/hide of same field, multi-indexMike Gerwitz2018-02-091-0/+87
* ValueSetEventHandler: New handler for `set' eventMike Gerwitz2018-02-071-0/+99
* [DEV-2692] [BC-BREAK] Bucket stability and consistency fixes and non-term nullsMike Gerwitz2017-09-062-137/+166
* Extract bucket init code into ProgramInitMike Gerwitz2017-08-301-0/+95
* [BC BREAK] DataApi config lookupMike Gerwitz2017-08-291-1/+1
* Add DelimitedKey Store traitMike Gerwitz2017-08-291-0/+107
* Add ConfLoaderMike Gerwitz2017-08-281-0/+136
* Add AutoObjectStoreMike Gerwitz2017-08-281-0/+114
* Add Store#populateMike Gerwitz2017-08-242-3/+94
* Clear metadata for pending dapi callsMike Gerwitz2017-08-151-1/+10
* Recognize non-changes in posted data server-sideMike Gerwitz2017-08-111-4/+42
* StagingBucket: Better consideration of nulls for change detectionMike Gerwitz2017-08-111-0/+24
* [DEV-2506] StagingBucket: Add ability to prevent bypassMike Gerwitz2017-08-111-0/+43
* Add `quote' Data API typeMike Gerwitz2017-08-101-37/+44
* Add ResponseApplyMike Gerwitz2017-08-101-0/+65
* HttpDataApi: Only serialize JSON on POSTMike Gerwitz2017-08-101-3/+17
* Add QuoteDataApiMike Gerwitz2017-08-101-0/+146
* DummyDataApi: Add test class.Mike Gerwitz2017-08-071-0/+67
* Do not convert non-truthy dapi return values to empty stringMike Gerwitz2017-07-211-0/+39
* Add missing test for previous commitMike Gerwitz2017-07-141-0/+6
* Initialize metadata on quote version changeMike Gerwitz2017-07-101-0/+90
* Populate document metadata using Data APIsMike Gerwitz2017-06-282-7/+327
* Add SpoofedNodeHttpImplMike Gerwitz2017-06-282-2/+92
* Add server.meta.DapiMetaSourceMike Gerwitz2017-06-281-0/+149
* Add ability to provide origin to NodeHttpImplMike Gerwitz2017-06-211-0/+47
* XhrHttpImpl: throw {=>Http}ErrorMike Gerwitz2017-06-211-11/+16
* Add node dapi HTTP implementationMike Gerwitz2017-06-212-0/+460
* LoVullo Associates => R-T SpecialtyMike Gerwitz2017-06-0830-30/+30