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* RatingServiceTest: Add type information for stubsMike Gerwitz2019-10-291-5/+149
* RatingService: Convert to TypeScriptMike Gerwitz2019-10-291-11/+8
* src/numeric: New moduleMike Gerwitz2019-10-241-0/+59
* RatingServiceSubmitNotify: Remove unused traitMike Gerwitz2019-10-211-186/+0
* {src,test}/.npmignore: New filesMike Gerwitz2019-10-211-0/+2
* TokenedDataApi: Accept or kill tokenMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-3/+12
* Integrate TokenedDataApi into systemMike Gerwitz2019-10-184-5/+5
* NodeCallback<T, R>: New type to simplify callback declarationsMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-7/+7
* TokenedDataApi: New classMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-0/+233
* {=>Persistent}TokenStoreMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-6/+9
* TokenDao, TokenStore: Track most recently created tokensMike Gerwitz2019-10-182-3/+77
* TokenStore: Provide document id via constructorMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-8/+8
* TokenStore: Implement for token lookups and creationMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-0/+395
* TokenDao: Return previous stateMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-42/+221
* TokenDao (#updateToken): Return updated dataMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-2/+11
* TokenDao: Add error contextMike Gerwitz2019-10-181-4/+36
* {Context,Chained}Error: New modulesMike Gerwitz2019-10-182-0/+135
* TokenDao: Better error handling for unknown tokensMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-10/+46
* TokenDao: class=>interfaceMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-5/+3
* TokenDao: "quote"=>"document" with nominal typeMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-7/+13
* TokenDao: Nominal typingMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-22/+28
* TokenDao: Lift out nondeterminism (date)Mike Gerwitz2019-10-171-12/+13
* TokenDao: Export as default alongside TokenDataMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-5/+6
* TokenDao: Callbacks=>promisesMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-29/+18
* TokenDao: Add test and further refine typesMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-0/+243
* FieldVisibilityEventHandler: Fix arrow function notationMike Gerwitz2019-10-171-1/+1
* [DEV-5657] Check for TLD in email addressesJoseph Frazer2019-09-121-0/+63
* Copyright range updateMike Gerwitz2019-08-3057-57/+57
* [DEV-5546] Change getdate to getUTCDateSarah Chintomby2019-06-181-1/+1
* [DEV-5546] Fix calc relativedate for day and also month concerning edge casesSarah Chintomby2019-06-181-0/+72
* [DEV-5333] Pass last rated date from the server quote back to the client quoteAustin Schaffer2019-06-174-19/+237
* [DEV-5333] Expose initialRatedDate to the client from the bucketAustin Schaffer2019-06-142-1/+82
* [DEV-3514] Fix bug with expiration date calculationAndrew Fanton2019-05-301-36/+37
* [DEV-3514] Display message explaining why quote is lockedAndrew Fanton2019-05-281-4/+10
* [DEV-3514] Lock quotes that exceed expiration dateAndrew Fanton2019-05-282-6/+312
* [DEV-3514] Add more robust testing for BasicQuoteCorey Vollmer2019-05-211-22/+188
* db: Restore previous save-all-meta behaviorMike Gerwitz2019-02-121-0/+123
* [DEV-4338] Change behavior of default dataJoseph Frazer2019-02-041-1/+64
* dapi: Fix *_label settingMike Gerwitz2018-12-171-1/+13
* Accommodate ancient qtype data on init and cleanMike Gerwitz2018-11-192-1/+24
* ProgramInit: Do not initialize bucket values for undefined question typesMike Gerwitz2018-11-142-12/+60
* ProgramQuoteCleaner: Clean all groups (not just linked)Mike Gerwitz2018-10-211-3/+70
* [DEV-3393] Made sure the entity id is a numberJoseph Frazer2018-08-162-2/+2
* [DEV-3393] minor changes to improve code qualityJoseph Frazer2018-08-152-50/+31
* [DEV-3393] Add more metadata to the init endpointJoseph Frazer2018-08-152-0/+151
* [bugfix] DapiMediator: Wait for stack to clear before updating optionsMike Gerwitz2018-08-101-0/+2
* [DEV-3257] DataApiMediator: Set bucket data after stack clearMike Gerwitz2018-08-101-1/+10
* [DEV-3257] DelayedStagingBucket: Preempt infinite recursion on #processValuesMike Gerwitz2018-08-101-0/+191
* DataApiMediator: Do not auto-expand into populated fieldsMike Gerwitz2018-07-171-12/+41
* [DEV-3257] DataApiMediator: Auto-expand into fields on reply [*]Mike Gerwitz2018-07-171-26/+204