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+% Insurance Terminology
+% Intended to be included within its own section.
+ \dt{calculation}
+ Any computation performed for the purpose of returning to the caller.
+ \dt{Calc DSL}
+ The domain-specific language written to handle classifications and
+ calculations; compiles into JavaScript.
+ \dt{caller}
+ User or system that performed a rating request.
+ \dt{classification}
+ A set of criteria---to be run by a classifier---that returns a boolean value
+ of true if a given datum meets the criteria; otherwise, false. The return
+ value shall have the same dimensions as the input datum.
+ \dt{classifier}
+ A system that performs any number of classifications.
+ \dt{fail}
+ Within context of an operation: The implementation \shallnot return the
+ results of any calculation.
+ \dt{number}
+ A scalar of type integer or float
+ \dt{matrix}
+ A two-dimensional array of numbers; a vector of vectors.
+ \dt{Program Client}
+ The graphical user interface available on the LoVullo website used to gather
+ data from the user for purposes of providing a quote or indication;
+ communicates with Quote Server.
+ \dt{Quote Server}
+ Software that serves requests from the Program Client, performing activities
+ such as serving steps, saving data entered by the user, and proxying rate
+ requests.
+ \dt{program}
+ A line of business.
+ \dt{rater}
+ Software that produces a set of premiums that are the result of applying
+ well-defined calculations to classified input data.
+ \dt{vector}
+ A one-dimensional array of numbers.