Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* Resolved shorthand map problems for \question with mmode confusionMike Gerwitz2014-06-031-7/+8
* Added "-" shorthand for \question param mappingMike Gerwitz2014-06-021-1/+6
* s/:/. for select question type textMike Gerwitz2014-06-021-1/+1
* Typedef constant list now uses longtableMike Gerwitz2014-06-021-3/+3
* percent question type for raterspecMike Gerwitz2014-05-201-0/+1
* Added spacing adjustment for subquestions in raterspecMike Gerwitz2014-05-201-0/+1
* Adjusted skip between ratespec question text and bodyMike Gerwitz2014-05-201-2/+5
* Added \proguistep abstraction for raterspecMike Gerwitz2014-05-201-0/+4
* Program UI question reformatting for long linesMike Gerwitz2014-05-201-4/+5
* Common program ui into raterspec from dwellingMike Gerwitz2014-05-162-2/+117
* Extract c1 import general from dwelling into raterspecMike Gerwitz2014-05-162-0/+14
* Added ties to general raterspec forms dfn sectionMike Gerwitz2014-05-161-5/+5
* Extracted forms common from dwellingMike Gerwitz2014-05-163-0/+36
* Extracted general premcalc from dwellingMike Gerwitz2014-05-164-0/+94
* raterspec data classification partMike Gerwitz2014-05-162-0/+104
* Added tenativeerr packageMike Gerwitz2014-05-152-10/+12
* dwspec=>raterspec in raterspec packagesMike Gerwitz2014-05-151-3/+3
* Now adding param, type, and class definitions to aux fileMike Gerwitz2014-05-152-7/+25
* Moved rater definitions from dwelling into raterspecMike Gerwitz2014-05-131-0/+57
* Extracted hostenv, input, and params chapters from dwelling specsMike Gerwitz2014-05-083-0/+365
* Extrated a number of rater-general specification logic from dwellingMike Gerwitz2014-05-088-0/+857