Mike Gerwitz

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* *is-cached abstraction for envmonnsMike Gerwitz2014-06-171-4/+19
* envmon addedMike Gerwitz2014-06-172-0/+148
* import-fqns addedMike Gerwitz2014-06-173-0/+119
* Test cases now using `assert`Mike Gerwitz2014-06-172-4/+4
* Initial working `@::`Mike Gerwitz2014-06-173-0/+160
* run-test now outputs source filename and line on failureMike Gerwitz2014-06-171-2/+2
* `assert` added to test runnerMike Gerwitz2014-06-171-0/+16
* Test runner addedMike Gerwitz2014-06-172-0/+92
* Added COPYING and README.mdMike Gerwitz2014-06-132-0/+702