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* Added RandomAllInclusiveSet (ideal algorithm for random testing)HEADmasterMike Gerwitz2012-03-044-34/+109
* Options no longer passed to Set; only sample size is neededMike Gerwitz2012-03-044-8/+12
* Passing base set instead of TestCase instance to Set subtypesMike Gerwitz2012-03-044-18/+12
* Moved test runner to RandomGroupedSet and began offering option for different...Mike Gerwitz2012-03-047-14/+87
* Added note about status bar to pending screenMike Gerwitz2012-03-041-2/+9
* Added pending pageMike Gerwitz2012-03-034-35/+84
* Opted for simply using CSS for upper form noticeMike Gerwitz2012-03-034-39/+4
* Refactored most main.js logic into RecTestMike Gerwitz2012-03-034-66/+137
* Centering renderingMike Gerwitz2012-03-031-0/+4
* Using white instead of light gray for color testMike Gerwitz2012-03-031-1/+1
* Using CSS to show/hide configMike Gerwitz2012-03-032-2/+1
* Began adding status barMike Gerwitz2012-03-032-1/+43
* Using colors from Tango icon theme for color testMike Gerwitz2012-03-031-1/+17
* Hiding header while testingMike Gerwitz2012-03-033-1/+9
* Hiding notice when test beginsMike Gerwitz2012-03-031-1/+13
* ColorTestCase will now return progressively more complex setsMike Gerwitz2012-03-031-1/+17
* Added initRender() to allow test cases to prepare displayMike Gerwitz2012-03-034-5/+35
* Moved history out of TestRunMike Gerwitz2012-03-033-17/+35
* Placed each class into its own fileMike Gerwitz2012-03-037-357/+1032
* Very crude concept for recollection test (initial commit)Mike Gerwitz2012-03-035-0/+565