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slides.org (Mobile) [Wifi]: Break out notes for OS
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@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ You can also randomize your MAC address,
-** RAW Location Services [0/2]
+** DRAFT Location Services [0/2]
:DURATION: 00:01
@@ -318,27 +318,53 @@ MAC spoofing won't help since software on your device has countless other
-** RAW Operating System [0/1]
-*** RAW Untrusted/Proprietary OS
+** DRAFT Operating System [0/3]
:DURATION: 00:01
+*** DRAFT Untrusted/Proprietary OS
+- Who does your phone work for?
+ - Apple? Google? Microsoft? Blackberry? Your manufacturer too?
+- Carry everywhere you go, but fundamentally cannot trust it
The OS situation on mobile is lousy.
Does your phone work for Apple? Google? Microsoft? Blackberry? ...?
You carry around this computer everywhere you go.
And you fundamentally cannot trust it.
+*** DRAFT Free/Libre Mobile OS?
+- <1-3> Android is supposedly free software
+ - <1-3> But every phone requires proprietary drivers, or contains
+ proprietary software
+- <2-3> Replicant
+ - <3> Niche. Interest is low, largely work of one developer now.
I use Replicant.
Does anyone here use Replicant?
I feel like I can at least trust my phone a little bit.
+*** DRAFT Modem
+- But modem still runs non-free software
+- Often has access to CPU, disk, and memory
But on nearly every phone,
the modem still runs proprietary software.
-And often times has direct access to disk and memory.
+And often times has direct access to CPU, disk, and memory.
So even with Replicant,
I consider the device compromised;
I put nothing important on it if I can avoid it.
* RAW Stationary [0/5]