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@@ -224,12 +224,15 @@ Your location can be triangulated.
-** RAW Wifi [0/1]
-*** RAW Wifi
+** LACKING Wifi [0/3]
:DURATION: 00:01
+*** DRAFT Wifi
+- Device may broadcast ESSIDs of past hidden networks
+- Expose unique hardware identifiers (MAC address)
What else is inherent in a modern phone design?
A common feature is Wifi.
@@ -240,13 +243,27 @@ If you connected to any hidden networks,
Your mobile device could be broadcasting information like past network
connections and unique device identifiers (MAC),
which can be used to uniquely identify you.
+*** LACKING Ubiquitous Access Points
+- <AP stuff>
Access points increasingly line the streets or are within range in nearby
Can be incredibly accurate for tracking movements,
and it is _passive_---it requires no software on your device.
+*** DRAFT Mitigations
+- Disable Wifi [when not in use]
+- Do not automatically connect to known networks
+ - At the very least, not hidden
+- Randomize MAC address
Disable Wifi when not in use.
You can also randomize your MAC address,
and be sure not to broadcast hidden networks.