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:DURATION: 00:01
-*** RAW GPS
+- Often enabled by default
+ - Might prompt user, but features are attractive
+- Programs give excuses to track
+ - Location for tweets, photos, nearby friends, etc.
Oh, but what if we _do_ have software on the device?
And we do.
@@ -286,8 +294,15 @@ Because of the cool features it permits,
it's often enabled.
And programs will track your movements just for the hell of it.
Or give an excuse to track you.
+*** DRAFT Access Points
+- <1-> No GPS? No problem!
+- <2-> AP harvesting (e.g. Google Street View cars)
+- <2-> Works even where GPS and Cell signals cannot penetrate
+ - <3> Can be /more/ accurate than GPS (e.g. what store in a shopping mall)
-*** RAW Access Points
But GPS doesn't need to be available.
Have you ever used a map program on a computer that asked for your location?
How does it do that without GPS?
@@ -301,6 +316,7 @@ So having radio and GPS off may not help you.
MAC spoofing won't help since software on your device has countless other
ways to uniquely identify you---this is active monitoring, unlike previous
** RAW Operating System [0/1]
*** RAW Untrusted/Proprietary OS