Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* slides.org (Mobile): ReviewMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-241/+409
* slides.org: Use Bib{=>La}TeXMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-2/+3
* slides.org (Policy and Government): Nearly complete draft slidesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-32/+199
* slides.org (Policy and Government): Work on NSA historyMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-10/+121
* slides.org (The Web): Draft slidesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-28/+32
* slides.org: Define \insiteMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-2/+3
* slides.org: Initial bibtex configMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-0/+26
* slides.org: Mark completely deficient slides as DEVOIDMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-38/+40
* slides.org: Once again sum durations in columnviewMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-29/+29
* slides.org (Thank You): Add headingMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-0/+25
* slides.org (Your Right): Break out notesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-15/+60
* slides.org (Policy and Government): Initial note breakoutMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-24/+89
* slides.org (Data Analytics): Break out notesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-4/+30
* slides.org (The Web): Initial note breakoutMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-38/+127
* slides.org (Stationary): Finish initial note breakoutMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-137/+190
* * slides.org: Support buffer export with Slides headingMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-185/+221
* slides.org (Stationary) [Surveillance Cameras]: Break out notesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-13/+38
* slides.org (COLUMN): Increase ITEM widthMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-1/+1
* slides.org (Local Variables): Fix heading typoMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-1/+1
* slides.org (COLUMNS): Add %TODO and %BEAMER_ENVMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-91/+95
* slides.org (Mobile) [Wifi]: Break out notes for OSMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-4/+30
* slides.org (Wifi) [Access Points]: Break out notesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-2/+18
* slides.org (Mobile) [Wifi]: Break out notesMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-2/+19
* Oh, helloMike Gerwitz2017-04-021-0/+966