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Compiler TODO for algebraic types
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@end enumerate
+@section Compiler
+The compiler itself has cruft from over the years and most of the code
+ exists from the design prior to object files and symbol tables.
+There is plenty of room for optimization.
+ @item Validate against an algebraic type system.
+ Certain classes of bugs can be avoided entirely by stating that
+ values must always be a vector of positive real numbers, for
+ example.
+ The compiler can determine the type of expressions by the
+ symbols it references and by its child expressions.
+ In situations that are not resolvable at compile-time,
+ runtime checks via terminating classifications would do;
+ an example being the sum of two unsigned integers being
+ non-zero.
+ In cases where types are simply too difficult to determine
+ without significant compiler work,
+ annotations can be used to declare expressions equivalent
+ to certain mathematical concepts
+ (e.g. ``this function is equivalent to rounding to the
+ nearest integer'');
+ this can also serve as an alternative to primitives in
+ certain instances,
+ since native target language features could be used.
+@end enumerate
@section Input/Return Map
@item Generate normal packages and use templates rather than a