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authorMike Gerwitz <mike.gerwitz@rtspecialty.com>2018-10-08 23:27:02 -0400
committerMike Gerwitz <mike.gerwitz@rtspecialty.com>2018-10-11 22:25:18 -0400
commit6027769633abc3d8d2377caceb7b942fc7fd92aa (patch)
tree12b17cd67576d1b9d53989245f967392991b7c0a /build-aux/gen-make
parent88da519c5e43566871e504a4716ac7609e9adf2c (diff)
Integrate new compilation scripts, remove cqueue and Makefile.2
This is a major step toward normalcy---removing the kluge of a build process that was causing so many issues. Rather than echoing all operations to a queue file before passing it off to dslc, the new build scripts in `bin/' are used to invoke tame normally, as needed. This solves all of the current issues with things not rebuilding when they should. And, as a bonus, tab completion on targets works. Sorry this took so long. There wasn't much motivation until we hired so many people that are suffering from this. This does a few major things, along with some miscellaneous others: - Invoke bin/tame directly; - Merge Makefile.2.in into Makefile.am; and - Fix up some targets. * build-aux/Makefile.2.in: Delete file. Mostly merged with Makefile.am. * build-aux/Makefile.am: Add a bunch of new targets and definitions from Makefile.2.in. Modify all that previously used .cqueue to now invoke `$(TAME)' directly. Remove miscellaneous targets for trying to proxy targets to Makefile.2. (saneout, _go): Remove definitions. (.NOTPARALLEL): Add to prevent parallel builds. (ui/program.expanded.xml)[.version.xml]: Remove dependency for now. (clean): Also clean generated PHP files. Follow symlinks to clean core. This is still incomplete (does not clean all rate table stuff). (suppliers.mk)[xmlo_cmd]: Remove. See `gen-make' and `gen-c1make'. (lvroot)[summary-html]: New dependency. (kill-tamed, tamed-die): New targets (former alias of latter) to kill tamed. * build-aux/gen-c1make: Generate `$(TAME)' invocation. * build-aux/gen-make: Likewise. Remove `xmlo_cmd' output. Ignore recursive `tame' symlink (this can be removed once we clean `rater/' up. * build-aux/m4/calcdsl.m4 (TAME): Update description to reflect that it should now be the path to `bin/tame'. Adjust `AC_CHECK_FILE' lines accordingly. (tame_needed_ver): Remove. We have been in the same repo as TAME itself for quite some time. Remove associated code. (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove `Makefile.2'. * src/current/src/com/lovullo/dslc/DslCompiler.java (_DslCompiler)[compile]: Perform validation prefore `compile' command rather than a separate `validate' step. Remove `rm'. [compileSrc]: Stop echoing command. This was only necessary because of the previous Makefile klugery; now Make echoes on its own correctly.
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 10 deletions
diff --git a/build-aux/gen-make b/build-aux/gen-make
index fbed524..63aa436 100755
--- a/build-aux/gen-make
+++ b/build-aux/gen-make
@@ -54,16 +54,8 @@ resolv-path()
# rule for building
[ -z "$GEN_MAKE" ] && {
- echo "%.xmlo:: %.tmp"
- echo -e "\t@rm -f \$@ \$<"
- [ -n "$xmlo_cmd" ] \
- && echo -e "\t$xmlo_cmd" \
- || echo -e "\ttouch \$@"
- echo "%.xmlo:: %.xml | prexmlo"
- [ -n "$xmlo_cmd" ] \
- && echo -e "\t$xmlo_cmd" \
- || echo -e "\ttouch \$@"
+ echo "%.xmlo: %.xml"
+ echo -e '\t$(TAME) compile $< $@'
export GEN_MAKE="$( pwd )/$0"
exec "$GEN_MAKE" "$@"
@@ -119,6 +111,8 @@ until [ $# -eq 0 ]; do (
# recurse on every subdirectory
for p in */; do
[ "$p" == ./ -o "$p" == ../ ] && continue
+ [ "$p" == node_modules/ -o "$p" == tame/ ] && continue
[ ! -d "$p" ] || ( cd "$OLDPWD" && "$GEN_MAKE" "$path/$p" ) || {
echo "fatal: failed to recurse on $( pwd )/$path/$p" >&2
exit 1