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bin/: Server/client build scripts
These scripts allow the TAME compiler stack to be invoked naturally, rather than requiring the use of a Makefile today. This will not only allow users to more easily invoke the compiler, but will also allow us to invoke TAME naturally from Makefile and remove the klugery that has existed for so long. This users a server/client architecture in order to mitigate the startup cost of the JVM. More documentation will follow. Note that there are a bunch of symlinks in rater/---this is a transition step to allow the build to continue working as it did before, which relies on a directory structure that exists outside of this repository. This will be cleaned up in the future. * .gitignore (bin/dslc): Add ignore for generated file. * bin/dslc.in: New script to encapsulate Java invocation. * bin/tame: New script (client). * bin/tamed: New script (server). * configure.ac (JAVA_OPTS, DSLC_CLASSPATH, AUTOGENERATED): New variables for dslc.in. Output bin/dslc. * rater/README.md: Note that this symlink mess is temporary. * rater/c1map: New symlink for dslc assumptions. * rater/c1map.xsl: Likewise. * rater/calc.xsd: Likewise. * rater/compile.xsl: Likewise. * rater/compiler: Likewise. * rater/dot.xsl: Likewise. * rater/include: Likewise. * rater/link.xsl: Likewise. * rater/standalone.xsl: Likewise. * rater/summary.xsl: Likewise. * rater/tame: Likewise (warning: circular symlink). * src/current/src/com/lovullo/dslc/DslCompiler.java (_DslCompiler)[compile]: Output `DONE' lines.
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