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authorMike Gerwitz <mike.gerwitz@ryansg.com>2021-09-28 14:52:31 -0400
committerMike Gerwitz <mike.gerwitz@ryansg.com>2021-09-28 14:52:53 -0400
commit6864fbc1cd647228367304716c567af27089fbcd (patch)
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tamer: Start of XIR-based xmle writer
This has been a long time coming, and has been repeatedly stashed as other parts of the system have evolved to support it. The introduction of the XIR tree was to write tests for this (which are sloppy atm). This currently writes out the `xmle` header and _most_ of the `l:dep` section; it's missing the object-type-specific attributes. There is, relatively speaking, not much more work to do here. The feature flag `wip-xir-xmle-writer` was introduced to toggle this system in place of `XmleWriter`. Initial benchmarks show that it will be competitive with the quick-xml-based writer, but remember that is not the goal: the purpose of this is to test XIR in a production system before we continue to implement it for a frontend, and to refactor so that we do not have multiple implementations writing XML files (once we echo the source XML files). I'm excited to get this done with so that I can move on. This has been rather exhausting.
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diff --git a/tamer/Cargo.lock b/tamer/Cargo.lock
index cec76ff..d895f5a 100644
--- a/tamer/Cargo.lock
+++ b/tamer/Cargo.lock
@@ -12,6 +12,12 @@ dependencies = [
+name = "arrayvec"
+version = "0.7.1"
+source = "registry+https://github.com/rust-lang/crates.io-index"
+checksum = "be4dc07131ffa69b8072d35f5007352af944213cde02545e2103680baed38fcd"
name = "assert_cmd"
version = "0.10.2"
source = "registry+https://github.com/rust-lang/crates.io-index"
@@ -302,6 +308,7 @@ dependencies = [
name = "tamer"
version = "0.0.0"
dependencies = [
+ "arrayvec",