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tamer: xir::XirString: WIP implementation (likely going away)
I'm not fond of this implementation, which is why it's not fully completed. I wanted to commit this for future reference, and take the opportunity to explain why I don't like it. First: this task started as an idea to implement a third variant to AttrValue and friends that indicates that a value is fixed, in the sense of a fixed-point function: escaped or unescaped, its value is the same. This would allow us to skip wasteful escape/unescape operations. In doing so, it became obvious that there's no need to leak this information through the API, and indeed, no part of the system should care. When we read XML, it should be unescaped, and when we write, it should be escaped. The reason that this didn't quite happen to begin with was an optimization: I'll be creating an echo writer in place of the current filesystem-based copy in tamec shortly, and this would allow streaming XIR directly from the reader to the writer without any unescaping or re-escaping. When we unescape, we know the value that it came from, so we could simply store both symbols---they're 32-bit, so it results in a nicely compressed 64-bit value, so it's essentially cost-free, as long as we accept the expense of internment. This is `XirString`. Then, when we want to escape or unescape, we first check to see whether a symbol already exists and, if so, use it. While this works well for echoing streams, it won't work all that well in practice: the unescaped SymbolId will be taken and the XirString discarded, since nothing after XIR should be coupled with it. Then, when we later construct a XIR stream for writting, XirString will no longer be available and our previously known escape is lost, so the writer will have to re-escape. Further, if we look at XirString's generic for the XirStringEscaper---it uses phantom, which hints that maybe it's not in the best place. Indeed, I've already acknowledged that only a reader unescapes and only a writer escapes, and that the rest of the system works with normal (unescaped) values, so only readers and writers should be part of this process. I also already acknowledged that XirString would be lost and only the unescaped SymbolId would be used. So what's the point of XirString, then, if it won't be a useful optimization beyond the temporary echo writer? Instead, we can take the XirStringWriter and implement two caches on that: mapping SymbolId from escaped->unescaped and vice-versa. These can be simple vectors, since SymbolId is a 32-bit value we will not have much wasted space for symbols that never get read or written. We could even optimize for preinterned symbols using markers, though I'll probably not do so, and I'll explain why later. If we do _that_, we get even _better_ optimizations through caching that _will_ apply in the general case (so, not just for echo), and we're able to ditch XirString entirely and simply use a SymbolId. This makes for a much more friendly API that isn't leaking implementation details, though it _does_ put an onus on the caller to pass the encoder to both the reader and the writer, _if_ it wants to take advantage of a cache. But that burden is not significant (and is, again, optional if we don't want it). So, that'll be the next step.
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