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+## Hacking
+This section contains advice for those developing TAMER.
+### Running Tests
+Developers should be using test-driven development (TDD). `make check` will
+run all necessary tests.
+### Code Format
+Rust provides `rustfmt` that can automatically format code for you. This
+project mandates its use and therefore eliminates personal preference in
+code style (for better or worse).
+Formatting checks are run during `make check` and, on failure, will output
+the diff that would be applied if you ran `make fmt` (or `make fix`); this
+will run `cargo fmt` for you (and will use the binaries configured via
+Since developers should be doing test-driven development (TDD) and therefore
+should be running `make check` frequently, the hope is that frequent
+feedback on formatting issues will allow developers to quickly adjust their
+habits to avoid triggering formatting errors at all.
+If you want to automatically fix formatting errors and then run tests:
+$ make fmt check