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@@ -24,3 +24,26 @@ To bootstrap from the source repository, run `./bootstrap`.
To configure the build for your system, run `./configure`. To build, run
`make`. To run tests, run `make check`.
+You may also invoke `cargo` directly, which `make` will do for you using
+options provided to `configure`.
+*Note that the default development build results in terrible runtime
+performance!* See [#Build Flags][] below for instructions on how to
+generate a release binary.
+### Build Flags
+The environment variable `CARGO_BUILD_FLAGS` can be used to provide
+additional arguments to `cargo build` when invoked via `make`. This can be
+provided optionally during `configure` and can be overridden when invoking
+`make`. For example:
+# release build
+$ ./configure && make CARGO_BUILD_FLAGS=--release
+$ ./configure CARGO_BUILD_FLAGS=--release && make
+# dev build
+$ ./configure && make
+$ ./configure CARGO_BUILD_FLAGS=--release && make CARGO_BUILD_FLAGS=