Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* TAMER: Separate static xmle sectionMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-1/+1
* TAMER: Virtual symbol overrideMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-1/+1
* TAMER: xmle output changes to support Summary PageMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-1/+1
| | | | Co-Authored-By: Joseph Frazer <joseph.frazer@ryansg.com>
* TAMER: POC: Output xmleMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-1/+1
| | | | This is a working proof-of-concept that will be finalized in future commits.
* build: Add revision files for xml{o,e}Mike Gerwitz2020-01-141-0/+4
This will force a rebuild and will be useful for upcoming changes.