Mike Gerwitz

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* expand: Correct priority of constant suffix templatesv2.17.5Mike Gerwitz2018-09-101-3/+3
* js compiler: Escape exception stringMike Gerwitz2018-09-071-1/+1
* linker: >50% performance improvements in both time and spacev2.17.4Mike Gerwitz2018-07-163-176/+59
| * preproc: Remove @override from eseq:is-expandable functionMike Gerwitz2018-07-131-2/+1
| * linker: Use sequences for stacks (instead of trees)Mike Gerwitz2018-07-131-49/+42
| * linker: Remove classifier vs. calculation distinctionMike Gerwitz2018-07-132-127/+18
* build-aux/gen-c1make: New build scriptv2.17.3Mike Gerwitz2018-07-052-5/+99
* build-aux: Liberate remaining build scriptsMike Gerwitz2018-07-055-0/+598
* Merge branch 'jira-3251' into 'master'Gregory Torbenson2018-07-022-7/+47
| * [DEV-3251] factor escape check out to a function, and also fix a bug.Greg Torbenson2018-07-022-8/+17
| * remove debug codeGreg Torbenson2018-06-293-127/+5
| * add support for escape-param attrShelly Shaver2018-06-293-6/+159
* Don't break interpolated comparison attributes when fixing static comparisons.v2.17.2Greg Torbenson2018-06-271-4/+4
* Merge branch 'jira-3245'v2.17.1Taylor Cordes2018-06-261-3/+4
| * [DEV-3245] fixed bug preventing second paramater in conditionalsTaylor Cordes2018-06-261-3/+4
| * Revert "fixed bug preventing second parameter in conditionals"Taylor Cordes2018-06-251-4/+3
| * fixed bug preventing second parameter in conditionalsTaylor Cordes2018-06-251-3/+4
* Add list2typedef and map hash supportv2.17.0Mike Gerwitz2018-05-298-27/+295
| * map: Uppercase and hash transformersMike Gerwitz2018-05-293-2/+159
| * map: Add transformation supportMike Gerwitz2018-05-291-17/+109
| * Add __path-root paramMike Gerwitz2018-05-292-1/+20
| * list2typedef: Remove trailing newline from preimageMike Gerwitz2018-05-152-7/+7
* Cut down on namespace exports for object filesMike Gerwitz2018-05-156-12/+7
* Modify valparse to recurse into the RHS.v2.16.0Greg Torbenson2018-05-091-6/+13
* Add typelist supportMike Gerwitz2018-05-073-2/+290
| * [DEV-3115] gen-make: Account for typelistMike Gerwitz2018-05-071-2/+12
| * [DEV-3115] build-aux/list2typedef: New scriptMike Gerwitz2018-05-072-0/+278
* build-aux/gen-make: Recurse without dir changeMike Gerwitz2018-05-041-2/+2
* Move {src/current/tools=>build-aux}/*Mike Gerwitz2018-05-0414-840/+847
* Map support for set/from to generate arbitrary vectorsv2.15.0Mike Gerwitz2018-04-161-21/+35
| * map: Support @index on all lvm:fromMike Gerwitz2018-04-161-0/+5
| * map: Support `from' within `set'Mike Gerwitz2018-04-161-2/+10
| * map: Tunnel symtableMike Gerwitz2018-04-111-19/+20
* progtest: ConsoleTestReporter: Correct number of inds on first linev2.14.1Mike Gerwitz2018-04-102-8/+8
* progtest: Exit with non-zero status on test failureMike Gerwitz2018-04-106-2/+95
* c1map: Add lvm:whenv2.14.0Mike Gerwitz2018-04-062-2/+65
* c1map: Prevent iteration on conditionalsMike Gerwitz2018-04-061-0/+5
* map: Provide useful warnings when missing import/@pathMike Gerwitz2018-04-051-1/+11
* Add class, param, const, rate to param-value/@identifierv2.13.0Mike Gerwitz2018-04-021-1/+30
* Mark generated symbols as localv2.12.1Mike Gerwitz2018-03-283-4/+36
* symtable: Detect duplicate symbols in the same packageMike Gerwitz2018-03-282-4/+18
* js compiler: Prevent octals in generated codeMike Gerwitz2018-03-282-4/+26
* c1map: Add lvm:if/@eqShelly Shaver2018-03-212-1/+11
* rate-each: Gentle @no2.12.0Mike Gerwitz2018-03-192-4/+13
* linker, summary: Reduce runlog outputMike Gerwitz2018-03-192-21/+20
* preproc/template: Add param-sym-value/@ignore-missingMike Gerwitz2018-03-161-12/+15
* progtest: Suppress terminating classifications during const runv2.11.2Mike Gerwitz2018-03-061-1/+1
* progtest: Return empty array of test cases if none providedv2.11.1Mike Gerwitz2018-03-062-1/+11
* progtest: Do not run tests async on consolev2.11.0Mike Gerwitz2018-03-053-40/+102
* progtest: Output trailing newline after summary lineMike Gerwitz2018-03-052-3/+4