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* Ignore externs in local polluting symbol processingMike Gerwitz2017-07-051-1/+3
* Include param default in symbolMike Gerwitz2017-07-051-0/+1
* Reorder static linked outputMike Gerwitz2017-07-052-3/+3
* Correct syntax error in linked output for known class mapMike Gerwitz2017-07-051-1/+1
* src/current/map.xsl: Permit from/@scalarMike Gerwitz2017-07-051-0/+8
* c1map.xsd: Add schemaMike Gerwitz2017-07-052-0/+21
* Add missing rater.xsdMike Gerwitz2017-04-061-0/+1947
* Add missing format conversion/compilation toolsMike Gerwitz2017-04-067-0/+976
* Extracted param symbol generationMike Gerwitz2016-11-173-20/+162
* Extracted meta symbol generationMike Gerwitz2016-11-173-8/+68
* Extract template symbol generationMike Gerwitz2016-11-173-8/+89
* Add doc pkgns macroMike Gerwitz2016-11-171-0/+4
* Symbol format and type documentationMike Gerwitz2016-11-172-0/+264
* Add @tame Texinfo macroMike Gerwitz2016-11-171-0/+4
* Version string generationMike Gerwitz2016-11-172-1/+49
| * Generate version string using tools/vergenMike Gerwitz2016-11-151-1/+5
| * Adjust tools/vergen for our tagging schemeMike Gerwitz2016-11-151-1/+8
| * Add tools/vergenMike Gerwitz2016-11-151-0/+37
* lv:classify/@desc whitespace normalizationMike Gerwitz2016-10-311-47/+20
| * lv:classify/@desc whitespace normalization during macropassMike Gerwitz2016-10-251-1/+20
| * lv:classify/@set stripped from macropassMike Gerwitz2016-10-251-46/+0
* Version bump {0.0.1=>1.0.0}v1.0.0Mike Gerwitz2016-08-242-1/+2
* Version bump {0.0.1=>1.0.0}Mike Gerwitz2016-08-241-1/+1
* Removed unreferenced links from README.mdMike Gerwitz2016-08-241-3/+0
* Update hoxsl URL in README.mdMike Gerwitz2016-08-241-2/+2
* Add copyright headers to src/current/Mike Gerwitz2016-08-2458-58/+1072
* Liberate current implementation of "Calc DSL"Mike Gerwitz2016-08-2472-2/+25223
* Manual copyright update for 2016Mike Gerwitz2016-08-231-1/+1
* /src/{init=>conf}.xsl .gitignoreMike Gerwitz2016-08-231-1/+1
* Version bump 0.0.{0=>1}v0.0.1Mike Gerwitz2016-08-231-1/+1
* Add generated VERSIONMike Gerwitz2016-08-233-1/+3
* conf.xsl.in -> src/init.xsl.inMike Gerwitz2016-08-233-6/+2
* Add TAME version output to conf.xslMike Gerwitz2016-08-232-5/+31
* .gitignore /doc/*.fnsMike Gerwitz2016-08-231-0/+3
* Initial symbol documentation, find-symbolMike Gerwitz2016-08-233-0/+249
* Add @todo texinfo macroMike Gerwitz2016-08-231-0/+4
* @{=>tt}ref for graph function refsMike Gerwitz2016-07-141-6/+6
* Update literate-xslMike Gerwitz2016-07-143-19/+19
* Add graph:lookup-from-docMike Gerwitz2016-07-134-1/+137
* Raise `Dependency Graph' from section to chapterMike Gerwitz2016-07-061-3/+6
* Add copyright header to tame.texiMike Gerwitz2016-07-061-0/+8
* Include version.texi earlier for title outputMike Gerwitz2016-07-061-2/+3
* Add graph:make-from-deps convenience functionMike Gerwitz2016-07-063-6/+77
* Re-order graph:dep-lookup arguments to favor partial applicationMike Gerwitz2016-07-062-21/+28
* Add graph:make-from-verticesMike Gerwitz2016-07-063-1/+61
* graph:union normalize/dedupe testMike Gerwitz2016-07-062-0/+30
* Move graph:dep-lookup into Package Subgraphs subsectionMike Gerwitz2016-07-062-112/+149
* Add graph:unionMike Gerwitz2016-07-063-0/+162
* Add graph:reverseMike Gerwitz2016-07-063-0/+158
* Add (beginning of) graph APIMike Gerwitz2016-07-054-0/+280