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| * m1v1 classification optimizationsMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-68/+155
| * Ensure all params are numericMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-14/+19
| * Revert "REMOVE ME: Use variables in place of object for generated class yields"Mike Gerwitz2021-06-221-61/+76
| * REMOVE ME: Use variables in place of object for generated class yieldsMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-76/+61
| * Remove unused lv:assumingMike Gerwitz2021-06-223-102/+8
| * compiler/js (lv:classify): Extract @yields dest name into functionMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-6/+13
| * Omit _CMATCH_ generation if no predicates, alias if oneMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-10/+36
| * Use more concise var refs in generated code to reduce byte countMike Gerwitz2021-06-222-32/+32
| * Extract empty classify into own templateMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-69/+56
| * compiler/js-calc: Make unknown calculation type a compile-time errorMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-5/+2
| * compiler/js (lv:classify): Remove unused noclassMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-25/+17
| * compiler/js (lv:classify): Remove unused $ignoresMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-5/+1
| * Simplify predmatch and eliminate when no predicateMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-74/+84
| * Significantly reduce parenthesis and whitespace in outputMike Gerwitz2021-06-222-129/+119
| * Remove unnecesary ||0 defaultsMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-27/+9
| * Remove unused result intermediate valueMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-15/+0
| * Remove function wrapper from c:whenMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-6/+4
| * Optimize single-true-match classes into aliasesMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-1/+51
| * Modernization of some runtime JS functionsMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-81/+21
| * Remove function wrapper from generic c:*Mike Gerwitz2021-06-221-6/+4
| * Replace toFixed to truncate rate blocksMike Gerwitz2021-06-222-21/+22
| * Remove lv:rate function wrapperMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-23/+23
| * Remove function wrapper from class blocksMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-9/+12
| * Do not execute unnecessary code pathsMike Gerwitz2021-06-222-41/+75
* README.md: Mention Rust in upper paragraph alongside XSLTMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-3/+1
* README.md: Mention TAMERMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-6/+5
* tamer: Rust v1.{48=>53}.0 for rustdoc tool lintsMike Gerwitz2021-06-221-1/+1
* tamer: Rust 1.{42=>48}.0 for stable intra-doc links without nightlyMike Gerwitz2021-06-216-39/+16
* tamer: Cargo.lock: Dependency updatesMike Gerwitz2021-06-211-123/+118
* build-aux/progtest-runner: Deterministically concatenate files by nameMike Gerwitz2021-06-092-1/+6
* RELEASES.md: Add _use-new-classification_system_ mentionMike Gerwitz2021-06-091-0/+3
* core/test/class: Begin classification system test casesMike Gerwitz2021-06-093-0/+276
* core/base (_use-new-classification-system): New templateMike Gerwitz2021-06-091-0/+30
* core/base: Section _yield_ and _rate-each_Mike Gerwitz2021-06-081-62/+69
* core/aggregate: Remove packageMike Gerwitz2021-06-084-419/+9
* src/current/summary: classify breakdown: Show lv:match/@on valuesMike Gerwitz2021-06-083-5/+27
* RELEASES.md: Sectioning tweak for recent releaseMike Gerwitz2021-06-081-4/+4
* RELEASES.md: Update for v17.9.0Austin Schaffer2021-05-271-2/+5
* design/tpl (Matches): Refine matrix visualization figureMike Gerwitz2021-05-271-21/+20
* [DEV-9769] Allow feature flag mappingsSchaffer, Austin2021-05-271-0/+1
| * [DEV-9769] Allow feature flag mappingsAustin Schaffer2021-05-271-0/+1
* design/tpl (Matches): Clean up matrix visualizationMike Gerwitz2021-05-261-22/+22
* design/tpl: Introduce bibliographyMike Gerwitz2021-05-268-11/+35
* design/tpl: Remove now-unused listing packageMike Gerwitz2021-05-262-15/+1
* design/tpl (Matches): Add light clarifying textMike Gerwitz2021-05-261-0/+34
* design/tpl: {\bullet=>\monoidop}Mike Gerwitz2021-05-262-52/+53
* design/tpl (Classification System): Introduce linear algebra notationMike Gerwitz2021-05-262-0/+114
* design/tpl (tpl.sty)[newtheoremwithlabel]: Use spref for *prefMike Gerwitz2021-05-261-1/+1
* design/tpl (Classification System): \odot=>\Classify-based monoid notationMike Gerwitz2021-05-252-8/+22
* desgin/tpl (Makefile)[clean]: Delete tpl.pdfMike Gerwitz2021-05-241-0/+1