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* Copyright year update 2022Mike Gerwitz2022-05-033-3/+3
* bin/tame: Fix runner output line clearingMike Gerwitz2022-01-281-1/+1
* tame: tamed --help: Add missing closing quote to awk exampleMike Gerwitz2022-01-261-1/+1
* tamed: Fix --help and add another reporting exampleMike Gerwitz2022-01-201-1/+4
* tamed: Add runtab and TAMED_RUNTAB_OUTMike Gerwitz2022-01-192-6/+142
* tamed: Ignore SIGUSR2Mike Gerwitz2022-01-192-7/+0
* tamed: Add missing --report to helpMike Gerwitz2022-01-191-2/+4
* tamed --report and runner status line (TAMED_TUI)Mike Gerwitz2022-01-192-13/+295
* Copyright year update 2021Mike Gerwitz2021-07-223-3/+3
* bin/tame (verify-runner): Add missing id paramMike Gerwitz2021-03-121-2/+3
* bin/tame{,d}: Fix assignments that lose exit codeMike Gerwitz2021-03-122-5/+8
* bin/tame: read {=>-r} where missingMike Gerwitz2021-03-121-2/+2
* bin/tame: Remove unnecessary trailing backslashesMike Gerwitz2021-03-121-17/+17
* tamed: TAMED_JAVA_OPTS: New environment variableMike Gerwitz2020-08-193-1/+7
* Copyright year 2020 updateMike Gerwitz2020-03-063-3/+3
* bin/tamed: Fail without explicit DONEMike Gerwitz2020-01-211-0/+5
* tame: Create guard parent directoryMike Gerwitz2019-04-041-2/+5
* Parallel build supportMike Gerwitz2019-04-042-17/+220
* Copyright year simplification and update to Ryan Specialty GroupMike Gerwitz2019-02-073-3/+3
* bin/tame: Shift arguments after -vMike Gerwitz2018-12-041-1/+1
* tamed: Clarify usage output shell exampleMike Gerwitz2018-12-031-2/+2
* tamed: Do not stall if TAMED_SPAWER_PID is runningMike Gerwitz2018-12-032-4/+35
* dslc: Invoke with static rater pathMike Gerwitz2018-11-081-1/+15
* bin/tame: Inherit TAME_CMD_WAITTIME from environmentMike Gerwitz2018-10-191-5/+16
* bin/tame: Better runner re-tryMike Gerwitz2018-10-161-3/+7
* Propagate TAMED_STALL_SECONDSv3.3.4Mike Gerwitz2018-10-161-0/+3
* tame{,d}: Reload runner when unresponsivev3.3.3Mike Gerwitz2018-10-162-6/+43
* Integrate new compilation scripts, remove cqueue and Makefile.2Mike Gerwitz2018-10-112-25/+73
* bin/: Server/client build scriptsMike Gerwitz2018-10-083-0/+465