Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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* progtest: Exit with non-zero status on test failureMike Gerwitz2018-04-101-1/+14
* progtest: Add runner scriptMike Gerwitz2018-03-052-1/+38
* progtest: bug: constants are not initialized until ratingMike Gerwitz2018-02-191-3/+0
* progtest: Display reader errors in browserMike Gerwitz2018-02-191-1/+5
* Initial embedding of YAML test case runnerMike Gerwitz2018-02-191-29/+5
* progtest: Generate index.js filesMike Gerwitz2018-02-191-6/+14
* progtest: Initial working console runnerMike Gerwitz2018-02-191-0/+51