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* TAMER: Additional crate::ld documentationMike Gerwitz2020-03-021-7/+69
* TAMER: Extract quick_xml event-related mocksMike Gerwitz2020-02-264-110/+149
* TAMER: Separate static xmle sectionMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-1/+5
* TAMER: Virtual symbol overrideMike Gerwitz2020-02-265-7/+154
* TAMER: POC: Use FxHash to remove nondeterminismMike Gerwitz2020-02-261-7/+7
* TAMER: xmle output changes to support Summary PageMike Gerwitz2020-02-267-86/+411
* TAMER: POC: Output xmleMike Gerwitz2020-02-264-25/+569
* TAMER: Symbol source data and metadataMike Gerwitz2020-02-268-29/+311
* TAMER: Initial abstract semantic graph (ASG)Mike Gerwitz2020-02-2611-249/+1433
* TAMER: Fail on empty fragment ids (and fix underlying problem)Mike Gerwitz2020-02-251-0/+18
* TAMER: xmlo: Add Package eventMike Gerwitz2020-02-253-3/+196
* TAMER: poc: Use xmlo readerMike Gerwitz2020-02-251-125/+44
* TAMER: xmlo readerMike Gerwitz2020-02-257-1/+1704
* TAMER (sym::Interner::intern_utf8_unchecked): New functionMike Gerwitz2020-02-251-0/+24
* TAMER: Display for SymbolMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-0/+18
* Order symtable, sym-dep, fragmentsMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-0/+8
* TAMER: Arena-based string internerMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-599/+359
* tamer::sym: FNV => Fx HashMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-36/+56
* tameld: Move documentation to tamer::ldMike Gerwitz2020-02-242-13/+32
* HashMapInterner: New interner, docs, and benchmarksMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-17/+303
* TAMER: sym::tests: Generate with macroMike Gerwitz2020-02-241-9/+27
* TAMER: Initial string interning abstractionMike Gerwitz2020-02-243-1/+678
* Graph-based POCMike Gerwitz2019-12-021-100/+250
* tamer: Initial baisc POC with no XML outputMike Gerwitz2019-12-024-7/+344
* tameld: Placeholder binaryMike Gerwitz2019-11-202-3/+44
* TAMER: Initial commitMike Gerwitz2019-11-181-0/+3