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* tamer: Remove tests invoking cargo and associated libsMike Gerwitz2021-12-022-1/+0
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | There are a number of reasons for this, where the benefits do not make up for the losses. First: this is actually invoking cargo. Not only is this not necessary, but it's not desirable: cargo by default hits the network and does all sorts of other stuff, when all we want to do is invoke the executable. So the tests aren't really testing the right thing in that sense. See the previous commit for more information. The way it invokes cargo is different than the way the Makefile invokes cargo, so on my system, it's actually invoking a _different cargo_! This is causing problems, in particular with lock files, which causes my tests to fail. Importantly, this also removes a _lot_ of dependencies, which removes a lot of supplier chain risk and a lot of code to audit. This provides significant security benefits, especially given that what was being tested was rather small, and could be done in a shell script. TAMER will receive significant system testing later on. But for now, none of this was worth it. Further audits of dependencies will come later on. I've always been fairly insistent on keeping the dependency graph small and auditable, but recent supply chain attacks have given me a better way to rationalize the security risk. Further, I'm the only one on this project right now.
* [DEV-7081] Add options to tameldJoseph Frazer2020-03-062-0/+1
We want to add an option to set the output file to the linker so we do not need to redirect output to awk any longer. This also adds integration tests for tameld.