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2012-10-06-tradmarks-in-free-software.,d: GNUplot=>gnuplot
It's pronounced "new"plot, where "gnu" refers to the animal, pronounce "new", not GNU, pronounced "guh-new". I did not know this at the time. http://www.gnuplot.info/faq/faq.html#x1-70001.2
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@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ names, leading to IceCat, IceWeasel, Abrowser, etc. Even though FF is free
software, the trademark imposes additional restrictions that seem contrary to
the free software philosophy. As such, it was my opinion that trademarks should
be avoided or, if they exist, should not be exercised. (GNU, for example, is
-trademarked[^0], but the FSF certainly [does not exercise it][1]; consider GNUplot,
-a highly popular graphing program, which is not even part of the GNU project.)
+trademarked[^0], but the FSF certainly [does not exercise it][1]; consider gnuplot,
+a highly popular graphing program, which is not part of the GNU project.)
[This article][2] provides some perspective on the topic and arrives at much the
same conclusions: trademark enforcement stifles adoption and hurts the project