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Today liberated the entire project as used in production.
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displaying and automatically augmenting commit messages with branch-specific
state strings.
+[TAME][] is The Adaptive Metalanguage, a programming language and system of
+tools designed to aid in the development, understanding, and maintenance of
+systems performing numerous calculations on a complex graph of dependencies,
+conditions, and a large number of inputs. This project is developed for my
[hoxsl][] (pronounced like "voxel") is a library for XSLT 2.0, written in
pure XSLT, that introduces various types of higher-order logic, including
higher-order functions; functional abstractions for common operations; and
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[GitLab]: https://gitlab.com/u/mikegerwitz/
[easejs]: https://gnu.org/s/easejs
[git-supp]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/git-supp
+[TAME]: https://github.com/lovullo/tame
[hoxsl]: /hoxsl/
[repo2html]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/repo2html
[thoughts]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/thoughts