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+# I Will Be Speaking At LibrePlanet 2019
+Please join me [this year at LibrePlanet][0] for my talk, tentatively
+ titled "Computational Symbiosis: Methods that Meld Mind and Machine".
+[0]: https://libreplanet.org/2019
+<!-- more -->
+> Words like "wizardry" and "incantation" have long been used to describe
+> computational feats that defy understanding. But neither computers nor
+> their users are performing feats of magic---computers are merely dumb
+> machines that follow explicit instructions with no mind of their
+> own. For systems to think, we must tell them how.
+> While graphical interfaces have made certain aspects of technology more
+> accessible to users, they have masked some of the most powerful tools
+> available for solving day-to-day problems. Users follow a carefully
+> choreographed workflow that thinks _for_ them, limited by a narrow set of
+> premeditated possibilities. There exist concepts devised decades ago that
+> are still thriving and relevant today for simplifying and automating the
+> most basic to the most complex tasks. They offer virtually no limits on
+> freedom of expression or thought and they blur the distinction between
+> "user" and "programmer".
+> This fast-paced session demonstrates a range of practical possibilities when
+> machine acts as an extension of the user's imagination. Non-technical users
+> are encouraged to attend.
+For my previous three years' talks, see my [Talks page](/talks).
+We will be gathering once again in the Greater Boston Area,
+ but the exact venue has not yet been announced;
+ I'll update this post with further details once it is.