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githubbub: Minor updates
I do not have time to update the features that do not work without JS, though admittedly they have done a good job of providing fallbacks to some of the things that are listed here.
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@@ -34,23 +34,8 @@ If that JavaScript is not [freely licensed][librejs],
then the software running in your web browser is proprietary.
**When you visit `github.com`,
- you download over 200kB of obfuscated code,
+ you download over 600KiB of obfuscated code,
much of which is proprietary.**
-This code provides many website features that are fairly essential,
- and *do not work with JavaScript disabled*:
-- Change repository names or descriptions;
-- Delete repositories;
-- Add an SSH key to your account;
-- Fork repositories;
-- Create pull requests;
-- Enable and disable project features;
-- Use the wiki and issue trackers;
-- View graphs of statistics;
-- And others.
-That is---GitHub forces you to run proprietary software in order to use much
- of their website.
This is a bit startling for a host that owes its very existence to the
success and development of free software.