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authorMike Gerwitz <mtg@gnu.org>2019-01-08 01:07:25 -0500
committerMike Gerwitz <mtg@gnu.org>2019-01-16 23:44:24 -0500
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Generate slug from post filenames
Rather than having Pandoc generate the id, which has the potential to change over time and cause 404s, let's just generate the slug from the filename so that the ids will never change. This also solves the awkward question of what the filename should be, since it was previously something arbitrary. This mass rename was accomplished via this simple shell script: for p in *.meta; do slug=$( recsel -P slug "$p" | xargs basename ) mv -v "${p/.meta/.md}" "${p:0:10}-$slug.md" done with minor manual tweaks where I saw fit. Of course, now I have some pretty long filenames, which is undesirable. The next step is to compare it with the slugs currently on mikegerwitz.com and make them match. That's the next commit, and should be pretty simple.
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diff --git a/src/papers.rec b/src/papers.rec
index 966c6ec..137a620 100644
--- a/src/papers.rec
+++ b/src/papers.rec
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
id: git-horror-story
type: post
-ref: 2012-05-22-git-horror-story
+ref: 2012-05-22-a-git-horror-story-repository-integrity-with-signed-commits
id: coope
type: latex
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ pubdate: 2013-05-13
id: national-uproar
type: post
-ref: 2013-06-10-national-uproar
+ref: 2013-06-10-national-uproar-a-comprehensive-overview-of-the-nsa-leaks-and-revelations
id: gnu-kwindows
type: post
@@ -22,20 +22,20 @@ ref: 2016-04-06-gnu-kwindows
id: gitlab-gitorious-freesw
type: post
-ref: 2015-05-20-gitlab-gitorious-freesw
+ref: 2015-05-20-gitlab-gitorious-and-free-software
id: copyleft-vs-community
type: post
-ref: 2013-08-13-copyleft-vs-community
+ref: 2013-08-13-freebsd-clang-and-gcc-copyleft-vs-community
id: re-fsf-waste-away
type: post
-ref: 2013-01-26-re-fsf-waste-high-priority
+ref: 2013-01-26-re-fsf-wastes-away-another-high-priority-project
id: vlc-lgpl
type: post
-ref: 2012-11-17-vlc-lgpl
+ref: 2012-11-17-vlcs-move-to-lgpl
id: re-skype-let-spy
type: post
-ref: 2013-01-30-re-skype-let-spy
+ref: 2013-01-30-re-who-does-skype-let-spy
diff --git a/src/post2meta b/src/post2meta
index c50c97e..f00a483 100755
--- a/src/post2meta
+++ b/src/post2meta
@@ -50,9 +50,11 @@ main && /^<h1 / {
# Grab the generated id from the header and use it to
# generate a complete slug.
- printf "slug: %s/%s\n", \
- gensub( /^([0-9]+)-([0-9]+).*$/, "\\1/\\2", "", name[0] ), \
- gensub( /^<h[^>]+ id="([^"]+)".*$/, "\\1", "" )
+ printf "slug: %s\n", \
+ gensub( /^([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)-[0-9]+-(.*)\.[a-z]+$/,
+ "\\1/\\2/\\3",
+ "",
+ name[0] )
# Skip the date line immediately following the header and grab the first
# line of the abstract.