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Update papers
This notably introduces The TAME Programming Language Living Document, and effort to begin to formalize the language I've been working on over the past decade on-and-off for my employer.
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<section id="summary">
- I am a self-driven and passionate hacker with nearly twenty years'
+ I am a self-driven and passionate hacker with over twenty years'
experience in various areas of software development. I&nbsp;am
a <a href="https://gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html">free
software</a> activist with a focus on user&nbsp;privacy and
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+ <a href="http://mikegerwitz.com/papers/tpl.pdf">
+ The TAME Programming Language Living Document</a></dt>
+ <dd class="period">May 2021&ndash;Present</dd>
+ <dd class="desc">
+ This document is an attempt to formally consider certain parts of
+ TAME as it undergoes redesign and reimplementation as part of the
+ TAMER project. It is considered a living document&mdash;it is not
+ likely to ever be a finished work.
+ </dd>
+ <dt>
+ <a href="https://mikegerwitz.com/talks">
+ Adopting Free Software Ideals</a></dt>
+ <dd class="period">March 2021</dd>
+ <dd class="desc">
+ My talk
+ at <a href="https://libreplanet.org/2021/">LibrePlanet&nbsp;2021</a>
+ about practical ethics and ideals as it relates to user freedom.
+ </dd>
+ <dt>
<a href="https://mikegerwitz.com/talks">
Computational Symbiosis: Methods That Meld Mind and Machine</a></dt>
<dd class="period">March 2019</dd>
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<div id="footer">
<p class="copyright">
- Copyright &copy; 2019 <a href="https://mikegerwitz.com/">Mike Gerwitz</a>
+ Copyright &copy; 2021 <a href="https://mikegerwitz.com/">Mike Gerwitz</a>
<div id="footer-print" class="print-only">
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- Copyright &copy; 2019 Mike Gerwitz
+ Copyright &copy; 2021 Mike Gerwitz
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@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ section=languages / compilers
-repo.desc=The Adaptive Metalanguage [employer project]
+repo.desc=The Algebraic Metalanguage [employer project]
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@@ -6,6 +6,11 @@ id: git-horror-story
type: post
ref: 2012-05-22-a-git-horror-story-repository-integrity-with-signed-commits
+id: tpl
+type: latex
+ref: papers/tpl
+pubdate: 2021-05-27
id: coope
type: latex
ref: papers/coope
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# Generate abstract for LaTeX document (from abstract.tex) ID located at
# path REF. REF is expected to contain `abstract.tex' and `REF.tex', along
-# with the built `REF.pdf' and `REF.dvi'.
+# with the built `REF.pdf'.
local -r id=${1?Missing paper id}
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<ul class="links">
<li class="title">Formats:</li>
<li><a href="/$sans.pdf">View PDF</a></li>
- <li><a href="/$sans.dvi">View DVI</a></li>