Mike Gerwitz

Free Software Hacker+Activist

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-### About
-<img src="/images/me-libreplanet-2016.png"
- alt="Photo of Mike"
- title="LibrePlanet 2016 Talk 'Restore Online Freedom!'"
- class="inline-img avatar" />
-GPG Fingerprint: `D6E9 B930 028A 6C38 F43B 2388 FEF6 3574 5E6F 6D05` [\[?\]][gpg]
-Mike Gerwitz is a [free (as in freedom) software][0] [hacker] and activist
-with a focus on user privacy and security.
-While much of his earlier experience focused on web development, most of his
-free time is now spent researching cryptography; compilers; mathematics;
-security and privacy; and various other fields. He also closely follows the
-work of the [Free Software Foundation][0],
-[Electronic Frontier Foundation][3], and other entities devoted to free
-information and free society.
-Mike is the author of [GNU ease.js][easejs]; a member of the
-[GNU evaluation][gnueval] team; holds an administrative role in GNU; and is
-a volunteer for various other aspects of the [GNU Project] and the
-[Free Software Foundation].
-Mike is a [hacker], not a [cracker]---the latter breaks the security of
-systems, while the former expresses playful creativity in their work.
-Outside of his field, Mike enjoys time with his family---including his
-wife and two sons---who keep him very busy and help to keep him sane. Mike
-also has a fascination with a wide range of sciences that he wishes he had
-the time to devote to researching.
-A great deal of information regarding Mike's opinions on various topics can be
-found throughout this website. Much of this site is devoted to his thoughts and
-ramblings on various matters and so will contain material that is subject to
-strong bias; the reader is encouraged to construct his or her own opinions.
-Formal papers contain no such influence without rationale and references.
-Mike may be contacted at mtg at gnu dot org; he does not make use of "social
-media" websites, though he may (or may not) respond to queries on websites
-that he is a member of, and he does host his
-[own GNU Social instance][social].
-(Note: This website itself is free/libre---the source code is available via
-the commit hash links in the footer of various pages and the content is
-licensed for free distribution and, in most cases, modification.)
-[View my résumé.][resume]
-I recently changed GPG keys; see my [key transition statement][keytrans],
-signed with both my [new][keytrans-new] and [old][keytrans-old] keys.
-<span class="attribution">[LibrePlanet 2016 Photo][photo]
-Copyright&nbsp;&copy;&nbsp;2016 Kori&nbsp;Feener, [CC BY 4.0][ccby]; used
-with permission.</span>
-[0]: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/
-[hacker]: https://stallman.org/articles/on-hacking.html
-[cracker]: https://stallman.org/articles/on-hacking.html
-[GNU Project]: https://gnu.org/
-[Free Software Foundation]: https://fsf.org/
-[3]: http://eff.org/
-[easejs]: https://gnu.org/software/easejs
-[resume]: about/resume
-[gnueval]: https://www.gnu.org/help/evaluation.html
-[photo]: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/session-03-c-ms-png-libreplanet-2016-sessions-ec00/
-[ccby]: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
-[social]: https://social.mikegerwitz.com/
-[gpg]: https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/
-[keytrans]: /about/key-transition.txt
-[keytrans-old]: /about/key-transition.txt.old.asc
-[keytrans-new]: /about/key-transition.txt.new.asc