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### Free Software Projects
-Listed below are my notable public projects. I have various other scripts
-and personal playthings that may be found on [GitLab][] that are not worth
-listing here, but may be of interest to certain readers/hackers.
+This page is a placeholder simply to generate a menu item.
+While it used to contain content,
+ my server now routes this request to cgit.
-While writings are certainly projects in their own right, they are listed
-separately in the "Papers" section of this website.
+With that said---if you _are_ seeing this page,
+ then something has gone horribly wrong!
+Do get in touch with me!
-[GNU ease.js][easejs] GNU ease.js is a classical object-oriented framework
-for JavaScript, intended to eliminate boilerplate code and "ease" the
-transition into JavaScript from other object-oriented languages. Features
-include simple and intuitive class definitions; classical inheritance;
-abstract classes and methods; traits as mixins; interfaces; public,
-protected, and private access modifiers; static and constant members; and
-[git-supp][] contains a number of supplemental scripts for Git that I have
-found to be useful. Examples include short aliasing for common commands (e.g.
-typing `c` instead of `git commit`), a colorful PS1, and a state hook for
-displaying and automatically augmenting commit messages with branch-specific
-state strings.
-[TAME][] is The Adaptive Metalanguage, a programming language and system of
-tools designed to aid in the development, understanding, and maintenance of
-systems performing numerous calculations on a complex graph of dependencies,
-conditions, and a large number of inputs. This project is developed for my
-[hoxsl][] (pronounced like "voxel") is a library for XSLT 2.0, written in
-pure XSLT, that introduces various types of higher-order logic, including
-higher-order functions; functional abstractions for common operations; and
-XSLT templates that take XSLT as input and produce XSLT as output.
-[literate-xsl][] "weaves" documentation for XSLT written in a literate
-style. Documentation is generated as Texinfo.
-[thoughts][] is this website; readers and hackers are welcome to use the
-repository for offline browsing, learning, distributing, mirroring, compiling in
-alternate formats or whatever else the content licenses permit. Code is released
-under a free software license and creative works (such as thoughts, articles and
-papers) are released under licenses that permit free distribution and, in
-certain cases, modification. Direct links to various commits may be found via
-the commit hashes within the footer of most pages.
-[repo2html][] is a repository-agnostic HTML-generation tool used to generate
-content from commit messages; it is the tool used to generate much of the
-content on this website and was developed precisely for that reason. As such,
-the project currently only supports Git.
-I was working in the past with Amadeusz Sławiński to help bring the
-development of [GNU screen][screen] back to life by cleaning up the code,
-bringing it up to date, dumping some cruft, and adding exciting new
-features. Unfortunately, time has been tight; I hope to return to
-development in the future to, among other things, add [GNU Guile][guile]
-[GitLab]: https://gitlab.com/u/mikegerwitz/
-[easejs]: https://gnu.org/s/easejs
-[git-supp]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/git-supp
-[TAME]: https://github.com/lovullo/tame
-[hoxsl]: /hoxsl/
-[repo2html]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/repo2html
-[literate-xsl]: https://github.com/lovullo/literate-xsl
-[thoughts]: https://gitlab.com/mikegerwitz/thoughts
-[screen]: https://gnu.org/s/screen
-[guile]: https://gnu.org/s/guile