Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom

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+id: cs4m
+title: Computational Symbiosis: Methods That Meld Mind and Machine
+location: LibrePlanet 2019
+date: 2018-03-24
+locimg: lp-2019
+abstract: Words like "wizardry" and "incantation" have long been used to describe
++ skillful computational feats. But neither computers nor
++ their users are performing feats of magic; for systems to think, we must
++ tell them how.
++ Today, users most often follow a carefully choreographed workflow that
++ thinks _for_ them, limited by a narrow set of premeditated
++ possibilities. But there exist concepts that offer virtually no limits on
++ freedom of expression or thought, blurring the distinction between "user"
++ and "programmer".
++ This session demonstrates a range of practical possibilities when
++ machine acts as an extension of the user's imagination, for the technical
++ and nontechnical alike.
+link: /talks/cs4m.pdf Slides
+link: /projects/cs4m/ Source Code
id: ethics-void
title: The Ethics Void
location: LibrePlanet 2018