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* Source Sans Pro => Open SansMike Gerwitz2019-01-161-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This goes back to Open Sans, which is what I was using previously. I really like Source Sans Pro. Unfortunately, the font rendered far too small relative to other sans-serif fonts, which caused an unpleasent experience for both slow page loads (e.g. over Tor or slower connections) and for users with web fonts disabled (e.g. via NoScript). Further, the font is huge: the WOFF is over 100KiB per font, and I was using regular and light versions. Open Sans, in contrast, is <20KiB per font, allowing me to use Regular, Light, and SemiBold and still be about half the size of the single Source Sans Pro Regular. As a bonus, users may also already have Open Sans installed on their system. I settled with WOFF instead of WOFF2 for browser support. The site now looks pretty close on fallback, which is good. For example, I use DejaVu Sans as my default font, and it even has a Light version that renders correctly. As with all resources on my site, I host this from my own domain rather than via Google's servers. That means that the font won't be cached for users when they first visit the site, but that's okay---privacy is more important. I should note that, since I use NoScript, I almost never load web fonts for other sites. But I still wanted to try to provide a consistent look across systems for those who do wish to load fonts.
* Majority of work on generation of new static siteMike Gerwitz2019-01-111-2/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | I didn't originally intend for all of this to be in a single commit. But here we are. I don't have the time to split these up more cleanly; this project is taking more time than I originally hoped that it would. This is a new static site generator. More information to follow in the near future (hopefully in the form of an article), but repo2html is now removed. See code comments for additional information; I tried to make it suitable as a learning resource for others. It is essentially a set of shell scripts with a fairly robust build for incremental generation. The site has changed drastically, reflecting that its purpose has changed over the years: it is now intended for publishing quality works (or at least I hope), not just a braindump. This retains most of the text of the original pages verbatim, with the exception of the About page. Other pages may have their text modified in commits that follow. Enhancements to follow in future commits.
* Open Sans fontMike Gerwitz2015-05-221-0/+2