Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom



The EFF announces the launch of openwireless.org, which encourages users to share their network connections to create a global network of freely available wireless internet access.

This is a noble movement. This reminds me of a point in history when MIT began password protecting their accounts, which were previously open to anyone. Stallman, disagreeing with such a practice, encouraged users to create empty passwords. Stallman would even give out his account information so that remote users may log into MIT’s systems, all with good intent.

Of course, with malice rampant in today’s very different world, Stallman’s actions, although noble, would be both naive and a huge security risk. Fortunately, opening your wireless network isn’t necessarily one of these risks and, if done properly, does not equate to opening your private network to attack.

Consider using DD-WRT as your router’s firmware, if supported by your device, as it is itself free software.