Mike Gerwitz

Activist for User Freedom


I am a free (as in freedom) software hacker and user freedom activist with a focus on user privacy and security. I am a professional software engineer dealing primarily with web development; compiler construction; and software architecture, and have been programming for about twenty years. My other personal interests include mathematics, cryptography, philosophy and ethics, pedagogy, writing, law, and various other fields. I also closely follow the work of the Free Software Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other entities devoted to free information and free society.

I am a member of the GNU Advisory Comittee; an assistant GNUisance on the maintainers team; a GNU software evaluation team (gnueval) member; the author of GNU ease.js; and volunteer for various other aspects of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation.

I am a hacker, not a cracker—the latter breaks the security of systems, while the former expresses playful creativity in their work.

Outside of my field, I enjoy time with my family—including my wife and three sons—who keep me very busy and help to keep me sane. I also have a fascination with a wide range of sciences that I wish I had the time to devote to researching.

Much of this site is devoted to my thoughts and ramblings on various matters and so will contain material that is subject to strong bias; you are encouraged to construct your own opinions. Formal papers contain no such influence without rationale and references.

I may be contacted at mtg at gnu dot org. I do not make use of “social media” websites, though I may (or may not) respond to queries on websites that I am a member of, and I do host my own Mastodon instance.

(Note: This website itself is free/libre—the source code is available via the commit hash links in the footer of various pages and the content is licensed for free distribution and, in most cases, modification.)

I changed GPG keys in October 2016; see my key transition statement, signed with both my new and old keys.

View my résumé/CV.

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